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If you are searching for the best fresh roasted coffee in Telluride, CO, look no further than Earth Coffee Roasters - Telluride Coffee. We are committed, professional coffee roasters with years of experience and know-how, dedicated to making sure that each and every one of our customers can experience the best cup of coffee possible.

We offer a variety of different coffees, both blends and single-origins. Whether you prefer a flavorful medium roast or a bold, rich dark roast, we have the coffee for you. Our easygoing, mellow blends will delight your palate and leave you thirsty for more. If you or someone in your life is a true coffee maven, you might want to give one of our coffee gift sets a try.

All our coffee beans are organically shade grown. Naturally, coffee beans are designed to grow under the canopy of tall trees and foliage. Commercial bean varietals, however, are often grown under direct sunlight. In addition to being unnatural, this process requires heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as intensive labor from often poorly paid farmers. Shade growing, on the other hand, supports biodiversity, absorbs carbon, and promotes a sustainable environment.

We make sure that all of our beans come from a fair trade, co-op farm. The people who farm our beans deserve to benefit from them, so we make sure they get fair prices and are not taken advantage of.

We package our beans in vacuum-insulated bags with one-way valves to ensure long-lasting freshness. Coffee from Exotic Earth Coffee Roasters - Telluride Coffee is guaranteed to be fresh, natural, and delicious.

Come by today for a cup of coffee you will never forget!

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